Top 4 Hacks to Become a Great Product Manager


1. Become a Sturdy Bridge

You are the coordinator between the clients, the designers and engineers within your team. You gotta be able to speak their language and sometimes simultaneously! This is definitely a ninja skill which is a cornerstone of your career. Enhance it fully!

2. Learn How to Code

This one is a biggie. You will surely stand out from other applicants in your dream product manager career. There is a fine line between product management and product engineering, so why don’t you become the whole package? Once you can write your own code scripts, you will have easier time to communicate to your developer team, spot the flaws, and perhaps even debug their work prior a significant production delay will emerge! Your company will love you for being able to stay on top of the production milestones with informed decision support system due to your ability to read and write programming language(s)!

In Nomadev, we advocate straight-to-the-point approach in teaching product managers the necessary principles and skillset to jumpstart their tech-savviness. Check out the bootcamp for more information. We will write more about this section soon. so stay tuned!

3. Laser Focus

You gotta focus long and hard in designing a good project plan that can project at least 6-months prior signing the initiation activity with the stakeholders. This way, you are in control to steer the project into its optimized potential! Preventing issues is better than cure, right?

4. The Devil Hides In The Details

If you do not have a foolproof process in initiating, supervising, and directing a project, we suggest that you truly invest in learning time-management, project-management, and KANBAN operational management. If you got those weapons all acquired, please do make sure you refine them by enhancing your ninja skills with agile deployment, digital marketing, and a whole bunch of technical savviness!


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