The ABC of Health Informatics


First thing first, the ultimate objective of health informatics is to empower communities, populations, and individuals with the possibility to measure, monitor and improve the quality of their healthcare as a whole.

Health informatics is a field that embodies as a profession and as a discipline interdependently. It is interesting to be aware that health informatics as a discipline influences its professions and vice versa. Though it is at its infant stage, health informatics witnessed a surge of exponential growth from all the frontiers that intertwine within its borders. Health IT touches nearly to all aspects of healthcare recently, we are experiencing a digital revolution in which technologies are assisting, executing or even deciding the course of a medical procedure!

Few exemplary mentions, we will discuss the following in more details as we progress.

  1. Robotics as intelligent assistants for surgery, nursing, and hospital transportation errands
  2. Telehealth for consulting, diagnosis, and prescription.
  3. Tele-ICUs in more remote geographical areas that have had low access to hospital nodes
  4. Virtual Reality in Simulation Centers and Surgical Training

Given the rapid changes that we are experiencing in healthcare, a strong foundation of the concepts, principles, methods and science behind health informatics is necessary.

Are you using health informatics principles in your practice? if yes, how? Share in the comments below.

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