Do You Know GeoMapping?

Location, Location, Location – Be where your market is. This is such a cliche since we have almost migrated towards a location-independent scheme of things. I’m talking about remote jobs, online business, digital bookstores, and digital dining. (Yes, check Mukbang from Korea!) Now, we are so branched deep within the network that our physical location seem to doesn’t matter anymore.

Yet, we are the most digitally geo-mapped population of all time. We are tracked and hyper-localized beyond our forefather’s wildest dreams. We are the perfect customers since we can be traced and contacted anywhere in this planet. Around 63% of mobile phone users said that they use “frequently” apps that require their geo-location, and this observation was as far as 2010. Now, I wonder how it is in these recent days.

In the U.S alone, local advertising was expected to grow as high as $181 Billion by 2018 – giving way for a generous 35% of it towards online advertising expenditure. This gives a sweet access for 90% of U.S marketing agencies to fulfill their clients’ request towards a more geo-marketing ad campaigns.

Alright, so what does this all mean? Geo-Mapping is powerful to create a whole-new experience for people. The power of relevance based on where you are based helps individuals to experience services, products, and adventures that where not recognizable to them yet. It can help local coffeehouses, restaurants, and stores to compete with conglomerates within a geolocation. They can be “Discovered” and “evaluated” for the quality and delivery. It’s a fair game for the Goliath amongst us!

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