Inverse Universe

Close your eyes and break your mind free!

Imagine a world in black and white; up side down; square planet; and dead silent. Got the picture?

Now hold on to that image for a second and re-imagine a world made of teddy bears; avatars; flying turtles and loud music everywhere. Got the two pictures side by side already?

If you have imagined both the images with relative ease, then good for you. And if you haven’t, just focus on what I will say next. ‘cus it shall be the alchemical recipe to creativity.

Creativity comes from the word, “to create” perhaps an idea, a sketch, a poem or an app concept. It is the ability to bring something down from the heavens on its raw state and transform it into a beautiful entity that everyone can appreciate, criticise and relate to. The key words here are capturing it and transforming it. The “it” here comes to the creative mind. It arrives in odd times and sometimes in an unapplausible ways.

If you consider yourself a rigid in this area, I advise you to firstly learn how to appreciate whats around you with minimal to no judgement. Just absorb it all, that bus, that river, the streets, the shops, the movement. Everything as it is.

Secondly, search for similarities between two apparently unrelated things. E.g what is common between a river and a tram? One possible answer could be that they both are on the move to a unified direction, always pushing forward. You now know the drill, observe, choose the objects, and take notes of what your unfiltered brain tells you.

Now, have you got that filter out the window? Good. By this time, you got your mind attentive to everything within and without you. You got the skill to jot it down and blend it. And you spice it up with functionality and purpose. And there you go, you got a masterpiece.

My fellow newbie, Enjoy the freak show 😉

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