The Why Question Dilemma

I’ve been rediculed as a “why” girl as far as I remember. Some people ignored my endless queries about my surrounding environment, while others entertained my initial questions but grew tired of providing explanations. The word why is perhaps my top 1 word that I have abusively used my entire life. But then a question pops in my head right now which,again, begins with a why.

Why is “why” my most used word among all the words out there?

This question begs a legitimate answer. Though, it is hard to psychoanalyze one’s self, the attempt is worth the burden. OK. The word why opens infinite doors to other why questions, and these inquiries are based on an inquisitive foundation. You cannot simply be asking why something is a certain way without a genuine interest and curiosity about it. That begging notion is for a reason, an explanation and perhaps an expansion of what is known; which gives the word Why such power.

Back to the kid with billion questions, remember that the universe is fairly new to them, and they just met you in a brief while too. They have hunger to understand, learn and accumulate reasons for such existence. Mind you, that kid never died within us, just cowardly tamed for social conventions, so don’t passively drive him to his grave as well. Now I ask you to ask Why. Why are you reading this article? Why are you in Medium? Why are you the way you are? Thinking the way you do?

Head hurting already? Just sit back and allow your mind to dive.

Once you begin to unravel your thought patterns by your Why questions, you will be logically empowered about why you do things a certain way, and why you incline to things on a certain hue. These infobyte revelations will empower you to design a lifestyle suitable for you and your happiness/success/evil plan name it.

Before I keep answering my why’s here endlessly. The reason why I wrote this article is because I would like to see more people aware of the purpose of their lives. And only the word Why can help you find out.

Begin with a Why, and end it with a How.

Oh, the How question is an entirely different story! 🙂

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