Is the Problem Best Suited for Design Thinking? Ask Yourself these 10 Guide Questions

QUESTION 1: Is the problem human-centered?

QUESTION 2: How clearly do you understand the problem itself?

QUESTION 3: What’s the level of uncertainty?

QUESTION 4: What data is already available to you?

QUESTION 5: How many stakeholders involved with the issue?

QUESTION 6: Is the problem geo-bound?

QUESTION 7: Do you require domain expertise to deeply understand the problem itself?

QUESTION 8: How sure are you that your team is capable of tackling the problem?

QUESTION 9: Do you require deep insight of how users normally behave?

which leads to…

QUESTION 10: Are you sure that the user you targeted is suffering from the problem you defined?

More thoughts to come, so stay tuned!

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