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  Technology is a tool built to make our Lives better. A lot of ambitious entrepreneurs think that if that “Cutting Edge Technology” is launched to the world  then by all means they are destined to succeed. It is usually a shocker by which they realize that other aspects of business development have equal or […]

User centered design (UCD)  is an investigative yet generative mixture of a methodology. This process aids designers and boardroom stakeholders to develop an understanding of their target user needs. User centered design caters to the whole user experience and not just an aspect of the transaction. This requires a thorough synchronicity of what the users […]

I’ve been rediculed as a “why” girl as far as I remember. Some people ignored my endless queries about my surrounding environment, while others entertained my initial questions but grew tired of providing explanations. The word why is perhaps my top 1 word that I have abusively used my entire life. But then a question […]

Close your eyes and break your mind free! Imagine a world in black and white; up side down; square planet; and dead silent. Got the picture? Now hold on to that image for a second and re-imagine a world made of teddy bears; avatars; flying turtles and loud music everywhere. Got the two pictures side […]

You may wonder, how can any ruler ever conquer kingdoms on a sequential level while remaining beautiful and young? Daenerys Targaryen did just that. The Mother of Dragons successfully ingrained User Experience (UX) design principles into her schemes. Due to her innate intuition of such principles, she was able to conquer empires, enchant men, free the slaves […]

Location, Location, Location – Be where your market is. This is such a cliche since we have almost migrated towards a location-independent scheme of things. I’m talking about remote jobs, online business, digital bookstores, and digital dining. (Yes, check Mukbang from Korea!) Now, we are so branched deep within the network that our physical location seem to doesn’t […]

You heard about Obamacare, Yes We Can! The campaign of Hope, Middle-Class Tax Reforms, and Trump’s appeal to stop the expansion of this Affordable Health Insurance For The Low-Income Childless Citizens of The United States of America. It’s all trending and buzzing on Twitter. Yet, the most fundamental question ought to be pondered first prior joining […]