Just recently, the world experienced a phenomenal spike of interest in the broad field of Artificial Intelligence and its subcategories. There are a total of 1,543 companies specializing in 13 different sub-fields and are based in roughly 71 countries worldwide! All these AI startups raised approximately $10.01 Billions combined – by promising to bring out […]

  First thing first, the ultimate objective of health informatics is to empower communities, populations, and individuals with the possibility to measure, monitor and improve the quality of their healthcare as a whole. Health informatics is a field that embodies as a profession and as a discipline interdependently. It is interesting to be aware that […]

  1. Become a Sturdy Bridge You are the coordinator between the clients, the designers and engineers within your team. You gotta be able to speak their language and sometimes simultaneously! This is definitely a ninja skill which is a cornerstone of your career. Enhance it fully! 2. Learn How to Code This one is […]

  We are progressively moving towards a value-based system in healthcare that depends heavily on technology to deliver quality care, involve patients and improve results. New developments in technology is now proving that this is the only way we can increase efficiency of care management and reduce costs in both money and time. Technology is altering […]

We have all used it over ourselves or unto others. Maybe to accomplish something we desire from others, or influence others to our own ideals. We all have had that shining moment when things are manoeuvred successfully by us, yet we are sometimes not aware howthese manifestations happen. This intangible entity is called Power. It […]