I’ve been rediculed as a “why” girl as far as I remember. Some people ignored my endless queries about my surrounding environment, while others entertained my initial questions but grew tired of providing explanations. The word why is perhaps my top 1 word that I have abusively used my entire life. But then a question […]

Close your eyes and break your mind free! Imagine a world in black and white; up side down; square planet; and dead silent. Got the picture? Now hold on to that image for a second and re-imagine a world made of teddy bears; avatars; flying turtles and loud music everywhere. Got the two pictures side […]

We have all used it over ourselves or unto others. Maybe to accomplish something we desire from others, or influence others to our own ideals. We all have had that shining moment when things are manoeuvred successfully by us, yet we are sometimes not aware howthese manifestations happen. This intangible entity is called Power. It […]