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Published Apps

In.Sight App – Learn more here

Sutures App  – Gastrointestinal Surgical Simulation Workspace. Download here

Sutures Annotate – Describe surgical procedures after taking snapshots from Sutures Workspace. Download here

MyTrybe Diabetes App – Take care of your condition on-the-go. Download here

TrybeCare App  – Answer Research Surveys, Earn Real-Life Incentives. Download here

HEAR App  – Patient-Centered Adjustment to Hearing Aid. Coming Soon. 


“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

Honorable Mentions

Sutures Team: Jalal Ait El Harch, Achraf Amel, Imane El Ghoul, Dr. Amin Soudka MD, Dr. Anass Majbar MD, Dr. Amin Benkabou MD

MyTrybe Diabetes Team: Khalid El Faker, Siham Ezzouiani, Abdessamiaa Ghandoul, Safae Moustakim, Adam Bouras

TrybeCare Team: Adam Bouras, Sagar Bhavasar

HEAR Team: Dr. Kari Lane PhD, Anish Mukherjee MA in Statistics


“Outside-In” Design Thinking  Worksheet – Download Printable pdf here .

Problem Statement – download Slides here.

Design Thinking vs. UX Design – download pdf here.

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